by Smashy Claw

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Claw Machine 35


Never would’ve left if I had known how it’d turn out
A colossal wreck, watching all my comrades drown
The last thing that I saw ‘fore I was swallowed whole
A giant pulsing eyeball and a big black hole
Trying not to think about what lies below
Terrified of where it goes
Praying I dissolve before I get to know

There were serpents on the map
We probably should’ve noticed that
Suddenly a figment rose
Towering above the boat

Aspidochelone, Tiamat, Yacumama
Hydra, Lusca, Kraken, Nessie and Bakunawa
If I could go back again and press redo
I’d tell them what awaited in the deadly blue
A vortex in the sea that salivates for you
Banging on its plate for food
Satiated only when it grabs ahold and chews

Demons in the undertow
I recommend that you stay home
Unless you find the notion of
Living in a stomach fun


released August 27, 2016




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Smashy Claw Longmont, Colorado

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